Happy Go Lucky Mastiff Rescue is willing and able to assist with any reptile, invertebrate or amphibian that needs some extra help or a new herp owner when we are contacted. There are no surrender fees on animals brought to us, and note, we will not pay you to surrender an animal. We won't absolutely refuse a sick or injured animal, as we are called rescue for a reason, and we have quarantine procedures in place to protect other animals.


Having to part with our beloved pets may be a heart-breaking experience, and here at HGLMR we will not judge you for the difficult decision you're making in placing your animal in our care. Life can be harsh, and sometimes our best plans go astray, leaving us with stressful and discouraging situations. We do our best to make sure the new placement goes as easily as possible for all parties involved, including your little friend. If we have difficulty due to limited space or resources, the network of connections we have can and will provide needed help.

 We strongly encourage you to provide the original enclosure, even if it's not the right size. This minimizes the stress of the transfer on the animal and can serve to house other animals in the care of the rescue of a more appropriate size if this is the case. The old enclosure is not a requirement, but it is helpful as there may be limited options available at the rescue.

To Surrender a reptile Please Fill out the form below or Call 240-920-7092